Arduino (program) doesn't work [solved]


I've just bought my Arduino UNO and downloaded the "arduino-1.0.1" folder. I have made the USB work with the Arduino (driver), but the Arduino.exe doesn't work... At first the program asked me to install Java so I installed the JDK7u7 but after that, when I try to run it the blue & white square appear at the screen but then dissapear and nothing else happens... I don't know how to make it work the *.exe... And I can't find any *.bat either in the folder...

My computer is Windows 7

Thank you very much & if you need any extra information tell me :),118440.0.html

Thank you very much! It finally worked!!

I was unable to find that file and topic so Thanks!

Yup. This solved the problem for me too.

Not only solved but enhanced ]:D haha