Arduino program to read temperature ,pressure and humidity values

hey folks,

My project is a weather station using Arduino uno , DHT 11[temperature and humidity sensor] ,
BMP 180[pressure sensor] and Real time clock breakout board [IC is ds1307]. I am using tft lcd [spfd 5408] to display the sensor and clock outputs. But the problem is i need to connect the BMP 180 to A4,A5 pins on the arduino which is same for my RTC breakout ,also i am connecting DHT 11 to pin A3 of UNO.All other pins are occupied by the TFT LCD.What should i do in program in order to display all the outputs of sensors and clock? please help.

Can you post your code and circuit schematic?
A link to the LCD datasheet ?

As the DS1307 and BMP180 use IIC protocol, They have different addresses. They will not interfere.
Try connecting both at the same time and running the following sketch, you will find the addresses.

IIC_scanner.ino (1.6 KB)