Arduino Programming help needed ASAP!!!

Howdy ya'll,

I'm sure its quite easy i need someone to write a program for me in C++ language to control a door. The door needs to open and close when a pushbutton is pressed.

I'll be using an arduino and have a pushbutton to send it a signal open or close and then will have a gecko drive to control a servo stepping motor for the opening and closing of the door.

Door needs to fully open to 0 degrees and partially close to 87 degrees reason for 87 is past that the door will latch closed at 90 and be manually opened for pushbutton to work.

Does this sound like something someone can do please let me know i need it ASAP.

Any help is greatly Appreciated

When is our assignment due?

You would probably be better off posting in the Gigs and Collaboration section. Just be prepared to offer compensation.