Arduino programming to other IC chips, is it possible?

So as of now I'm using the normal ATMEGA328P chip for programming. Since this is the only Arduino chip I have right now and I have like 3 other ones, which aren't ATMEGA rather some other company, I don't know. I was wondering if I could program those chips using the Arduino, an example here is a KA339A chip. Would it be possible to put code on this thing with the Arduino IDE, or is it just not possible at all?

The KA339A is a quad comparator chip and is not programmable. It is used to compare the amplitudes of signals presented to the 2 inputs. The output will switch states when one input amplitude is greater than the other. The chip can be wired in the inverting or non-inverting mode. Consult the data sheet (that I linked).

Post data sheets for the other chips or supply their part numbers.

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