Arduino Progremming help

I am working on a project in which I read 3 different sensors value. One is the current sensor other is a vibration sensor and the third is a temperature sensor. Now I want to write the program in which the analog Read Function for CURRENT sensor is read sample every 1 ms delay. and vibration sensor read every 2 millisecond Delay and the temperature sensor read every one second. Now The problem is I want that the current sensor does this functionality for 3 seconds continuous and after 3 seconds the current sensor not read any value and vibration sensor start its work and read value the next 3 second the in the last temperature sensor read the temperature. Sor this process continues its work in the loop. Help me in programming

The fact that you use delay in your posts suggests that you plan to use delay() in your code. Bad idea.

This is not a code-writing service. We will help you debug your code.

Look at the blink without delay example. It shows (relatively poorly) how to do things periodically, without using delay().

I’m really having trouble understanding “once a second” and “continuously for three seconds” with regards to reading the current sensor.

Have a look at the blink without delay example in the IDE.

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