Arduino project and Pocket Wizard


I am an extreme beginner and need some guidance if possible. I have built a small project to interface with my Canon D5000. I am shooting remotely and the Canon goes to sleep if there are no triggers within 15 minutes. So my project triggers my camera to take a photo every 14 minutes, 50 sec. when I am not there, keeping the camera awake. I managed the setup of the board and the coding for this and this part of the project works perfectly.

What I would also like to do is have the ability to trigger the camera remotely by using my pocket wizard set up. The Wizard would have to be connected to the Arduino (there is an 1/8" jack on the wizard) and the signal from the wizard would have to act as a switch to tell the board to send the signal to the camera. I hope this is clear enough. What I am having trouble with is how to interface the cable from the Wizard to the board.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry, I am really a newbie, but trying very hard.


How about starting with a link to the pocket wizard?

Boy, I'm embarrassed to ask this, but do you mean a link to info on the Pocket Wizard system, or a physical link from the board to the Wizard?

I'm sorry, I don't want to sound too dense, just not sure what you are asking.



I have no idea what a pocket wizard is. Post an internet to data on it. Make sure it includes data about that 1/8" jack.


3.5mm (1/8") mono miniphone jack;

I'm using Flash/Port 2, for the connection. Here's the info on the port:

Flash/Port 2:

4.0 A for 0.00002 seconds (1/50000 seconds or 20 microseconds)

0.25 A (1/4 Amp or 250 milliamp) continuous, current limited

Many thanks :)

It may help to explain that I had hacked up one of the remotes that came with the camera to do this job, but they have been discontinued and the original got broken as they are not very robust. It has been difficult to find a replacement and I'm sure that the Adruino can do the job (as it is doing great taking time lapse photos), I just can't get the connection to the Wizard.


Thanks for your time and effort. I really appreciate it. So, if I understand you, it would be like this tutorial:, except I am replacing the push button with the Wizard connection? As I explained, I am a real beginner so I just want to confirm.



I understand a bit and am lost on some of it, but I'll do some more learning and I'm sure I'll understand better. Do you know if there is a schematic of something similar to this I could learn from? It was very helpful to have one for the time lapse project.

Many thanks for your time and effort. If I get it working, I'll update this post.


I've been reading and I believe I understand now. Just one more quick question: how big should the pull-up resister be? Would 4.7 kOhm be a good choice?



Thanks to the very fine gentlemen who assisted me, I now have a working prototype XD