arduino project book in FR

hi every one,

( my father writing)

i am 10 yo and i received a Uno starter kitas a gift, last christmas.

than in spring came the french version of the project book.

i have it in english but i can't read or work on these project alone.

does anyone knows a way to have the FR version of the book without the complete kit ?

a pdf would do the job just fine !

i can prove my kit was bought in case.

if any one has an idea a hint a good adress :)

thank you


There are no (legal) pdfs of the project book.

The starter kit is now a product of - you may wish to enquire on their web site? They have a public forum

merci :)

i will try this

thank you


i ve tried

the forum

but i received a dry answer, no pdf . . .

i'll look for less . . . solutions . . .


thank you


To be honest that's what I expected. If it was available as pdf then people wouldn't buy the kits because you can probably get the parts cheaper elsewhere.

yes i wasn't expecting much more neither. . .

pretty strange in fact.

it is not even sold alone as a book.

too bad, sad for the community . .




So why can't they then at least make the book available to us if we can prove we've bought the kit? I'm very frustrated and disappointed because I've received my kit but can hardly use it because the book is so difficult to read.

This is the wrong site to complain about the current starter kit, you need to be at