Arduino project (controlling pc motherbord's bios for overclocking)


i'm looking for some fact checking and guidance about a project I recently thought of.

I'm not a programmer neither an electronic engeneer so I'll reach out for help and collaboration later on if this project is a go.
I'm just a modder of computer cases and builds.

what I'ld like to achieve is having a touchscreen controlling the bios of a computer intrafacing with its motherboard. The purpose is to have a ready to use overclocking station. A device with a touchscreen that let's you modify the voltages of CPU, Ram, FSB and VGA, installed on the case. hence, without entering vendor apps in windows or using the bios in startup of the pc.

asus did something like this a few years back called [Accessories|Motherboards|ASUS Global](http://"OC Station) but it's an outdated device working only on old rampage mobos.
Today they created a similar tool, the OC Panel OC Panel - Republic of Gamers??OC Panel but it's not pretty and works only on their motherboards.

I'm thinking about ways to do this and Arduino came to my mind because it could operate on its own, have a touch screen connected as input device and hopefully comunicate with the motherboard or its bios. Preferably with UEFI bios.

Do you think this is doable?
You have ideas on how it should work?
Do you know similar projects?
Are you interested in the project?

This wouldn't be commercial (although I'm sure many pc builders enthusiast could be interested, will see), just a project for a computer mod.

Thanks for any help.