Arduino project parts list for starter/experiments

I was working on my octocopter multiwii controller, then I had to install Arduino first time to program the controller, that was impressive. Recently I want to convert my kids ride on car to remote control and I came across Arduino boards. Its all looking great board and now I have a plan for home automation, converting ride-on to rc remote controlled and many others for experimentation. I have list down various parts to start the projects and have enough accessories to do experiments in future. Appreciated your review and add if some essentials are missing.

  • Mega2560 R3 ATmega2560-16AU Control Board
  • Ethernet Shield Module W5100 Micro SD Card Slot For Arduino UNO MEGA
  • 6 x AA Battery Case Storage Holder With DC2.1 Power Jack For Arduino
  • 40pcs 20cm Female to Female Jumper Cable For Arduino
  • BEST DT9205M LCD AC DC Volt AMP OHM Electrical Digital Multimeter
  • 3.2 Inch SSD1289 TFT LCD Display Module Touch Panel For Arduino
  • 1602 Character LCD Display Module Blue Backlight
  • 20 Pcs 10A10 10A 1000V General Purpose Plastic Rectifier Diodes
  • 4 Channel Wireless RF Remote Control Transmitter Receiver Module
  • SIM900 GSM/GPRS ICOMSAT V1.1 Expansion Module Board For Arduino With Antenna
  • DHT11 Temperature Relative Humidity Sensor Module For Arduino
  • 5V 8 Channel Relay Module Board For Arduino
  • HC-06 Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver RF Main Module Serial For Arduino
  • 2Pcs HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor Ultrasonic Module For Arduino
  • Adjustable XL6009 Step Up Boost Voltage Power Supply Module Converter Regulator
  • Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor For Arduino
  • ATmega328P Nano V3 Controller Board Compatible
  • ESP8266 Remote Serial Port WIFI Transceiver Wireless Module
  • 120pcs 12 Value 0.22UF-470UF Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Kit
  • Arduino-Compatible R3 UNO ATmega16U2 AVR USB Board
  • Mini Circuit Experiment Solderless Breadboard 400 Tie Points Contact
  • MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module Smoke Methane Butane Detection For Arduino
  • 3A LM2577 DC-DC 50KHz Adjustable Step-up Power Converter Module
  • Arduino Compatible 328 ProtoShield Prototype Expansion Board With Mini Breadboard
  • 433Mhz RF Transmitter With Receiver Kit For Arduino
  • 40pcs 20cm Male to Female Jumper Cable For Arduino
  • ATmega328P Arduino Compatible Nano V3 Improved Version With USB Cable
  • MB-102 MB102 Solderless Breadboard + Power Supply + Jumper Cable Kits For Arduino
  • Arduino Compatible SD Card Module Slot Socket Reader For Mp3 player
  • 5V 4 Channel Relay Module For Arduino
  • 640pcs 64 Values 1R - 10MR 1/4W Metal Film Resistors Assorted Kit

I have variable temperature solder iron and Turnigy 9x TX/RX to control Arduino with RC. Thanks,

Why don't you just buy stuff as you need it?

Yea I really wanted like this. All parts from china come to me in 40-60 days therefore I want to give a bulk order. I live in a desert and local availability is almost nil.

OK... well, I would add the 65 way jumper cables in multiple lengths and maybe some transistors. That said you do have a long and expensive list. Also I didn't see any 10K pots which you will need for a contrast signal on the 16X2 LCDs. You could use a trimmer or a full size pot.

Thanks, missed transistors. Further addition, 100Pcs MOT/ON 3Pin 2N2222A 2N2222 Transistor 1/2/10K Ohm Potentiometers Linear I'll check on multiple lengths for jumper wires.

List is getting long, I am inclined to remove GSM module. Using Ethernet module is enough to control remotely. List will cost around 150 usd.