Arduino Project - Programmed control of 2x LED lights and a single speaker

Hello community!

First of all I need to apologize in advance for my lack of programming wisdom, I have used Arduino on university projects before but I am by all means still a giant novice!

I am currently working on a product design project which (as you can see in the subject line) revolves around the automation of a rig containing (at least) 2 LED bulbs and a single speaker, the project really is in early days at the moment but I’m hoping that somebody out there could answer the following!

  1. Considering this rig will be run off mains power, are Arduino micro controllers capable of running said LED bulbs/single speaker automatically or at different times from each other (i.e. is this idea even possible!)

  2. If possible, what form of Arduino should I be using, I currently own a UNO R3 board but I’ll likely need to get some extra bits for this project

Again apologies if this seems a bit of a shot in the dark, I really am a novice but if anyone could help me with this information I’d be really grateful!