Arduino Project sharing site - We need your projects for the BETA version!

Hi everyone, earlier this month I made a post asking if you would be interested in a project sharing website dedicated to arduino. We were very happy to see that among the 450 answers we had, a lot of people had good ideas and we want to say thank you for all the support you gave us.

We are almost done with the designing phase of the project and we now need some simple project in order to create an alpha version of the site.

If you are interested in having your project on the main page of the alpha site here are the instruction

What we are looking for : - Pictures (minimum 4) - Project description ( about 300 words divided in multiple sections ) - Source code - Total cost of the project - Time it took for completion - Price you would ask for if someone wanted to buy your project (with your currency)

  • Submit your project in a zip file to : [u] EDIT : ( We need all sort of projects, from the simple blinking LED to the cleaning robot!! )

The website URL :

We plan on launching the alpha website (for a limited number of users) this spring. For invite, check the website soon. If you have any questions, or suggestions, please let us know!

Regards, David


Just my 2 cents, most people that have "finished" projects already have their web pages or blog posts. You could ask them to email you a link and invite them to write their project per your format. Say, I have a project X, which I think is cool. Then I spend hours putting it into a format that you will accept, and send to you. Then you realize that my project is not so cool, and in addition, 5 other dudes already sent you essentially the same project! Now you have a headache deciding how to post and whether to post at all. I know you want projects, but maybe look at them before requesting a formal submission so you save your and our time.

Besides, I have a number of projects, just thinking about having to whip them into your format makes me want to back off.

But here is my blog with a number of projects pics vids and code, in case you want a look.

So... it's got a flashy logo - I'm sold

Ok, maybe not - isn't this just a new look hackaday copy? They post an arduino project at least twice a week...

I think this is a great idea, Is it going to be similar to the likes of nxtlog or thingiverse?

Hi guys,

First of all, thx for all your replies (and project for those who sent us some). I unfortunatly don't have much time now but I wanna respond to the post made earlier in this Topic.

[u]liudr:[/u] Thanks for your reply (and for sharing you blog) we will surely use some your project to make up for the BETA version of duinop. Regarding the concerns about the format, I would simple like to mention that you're bringing up a good point and for those of you who have a blog already existing, we would be glad to simply have a reference to it! I do understand that those of you who already have a blog did spent a good amount of time on making these said blog looking good and I was wrong on the requirements about that.

[u]mowcius:[/u] Just a quick point to clarify, we are in now way a "publishing" website. We won't be writing article or anything like this. The whole point is for people to have a central site to share their Arduino project.

[u]brucedjones:[/u] Thanks for the post! We actually didn't know of thingiverse but the whole idea is pretty much the same!

Regards, David


Regarding formatting, you can look at thingniverse or instructables. They're the "De facto" standards for posting projects and steps. I just started posting on instructables on 2/15 and my post was viewed by 1,000 people. I like the format there and the fact that you can add instructions on pictures and upload codes and documents to share. Right now my blog doesn't support file upload so I use mediafire, tons of ads.

Right now my blog doesn't support file upload so I use mediafire, tons of ads.

liudr, you should look into DropBox . . .