Arduino Project w/ VMUSIC2

Hi, I am new to microcontrollers and have been researching the Arduino ATMega micro for my new project. The only previous experience I have with microcontrollers is with the Freescale HC9S12C32.

I want to interface an Arduino with a 5-wire resistive touchscreen (UART), a microphone (ATD), speaker (PWM), LCD (SPI), VMUSIC2 (SPI), a shift register (SPI), and some pushbuttons (general I/O).

My main concern is with the VMUSIC2. I would like to have 2-way communication so that I could use the microphone to create a file and store it onto the USB flash drive already inserted in the VMUSIC2, and then later be able to call that file for playback. I was unable to find any article or DIY describing someone successfully doing so. I can give more details about my project or clarify if someone is willing to help me select a microcontroller to easily record, store, and playback audio clips, while allowing enough pins to interface all my other peripherals.

Again, I am very new to all of this, and any help to lead me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!