Arduino project wheel sensor motor

So im a complete newb
What im trying to build is a system of interconnecred components that involves

  • A bidirectional Flex Sensor
  • A stepper motor
  • A breadboard
  • Arduino uno
  • A 3.7V Lithium battery

So the project should work like this.

  • The flex sensor is pushed
  • the stepper motor will turn ( for a programmed period of time )

Im not sure which components go in the breadboard exactly ( or where i connect them )
As i meantionned before im a complete newb and trying to learn to get my project done

If anyone can point me in the right direction as
What other components i may need for the project
It will be greatly appreciated

Ive posted a photo of the sensor i need to use to give an idea about where im coming from

All answers are welcome.

You will need a driver for the stepper. An Arduino cannot supply enough current to run.a motor. It can control hardware that can handle the current. The choice of driver depends on the motor. If you supply a data sheet for the motor we can help you choose.
The battery may not be adequate to power the stepper, as well.

This motor would suit my project

Also the arduino would have to run standalone without a computer
So the arduino would need to use a separate battery than the motor/motors?

Thank you and best regards

Robin2’s stepper basics thread speaks of that type of motor and the drivers for them.