Arduino Project

Hey guys, Im new to arduino and looking for a high school science fair project. As it is a science fair project, I need a testable question, and it has to use Quantitative data. I have been looking into this for a while, and, Im interesting in doing something with light sensors.. not sure exactly what I can do.. but, I find them interesting. Although Id like to do something with light sensors, im open to any arduino project. Would anybody here have any idea? Keeping in mind the fact that im on a small budget and am I beginner. Thank you!

Walking Drawing Machine

a project with light sensors.

1) the room You could make an application that measures at which light level and individual turns on the light during the day. Then make such measurements in at least a dozen different homes and explain the differences. Knowning the right light level helps to automate room lighting.

2) street lights Determine the ration between the time lights are on and that there is actually a person or a car using the light. Dimming lights when no cars are around could save a lot of energy.

3) The vegetable test use an arduino to give the vegetables in a fridge more light and check if vegetables in a fridge look better with or without light and which amount (and color) of light is the optimum. The color of light might differ per veg!

4) spectrometer Use different colors of light to differentiate between different liquids (has been done so don't copy!)

5) Investigate light on bikes. Is pulsating light better visible or not? and in fog? what is the optimal frequency / intensity / color?

now it is time for you to think ;)