Arduino Project

I am trying to get started on programming my lcd keypad shield so that I can set an input to set the speed of a project Im working on. I want to be able to change each individual number on the LCD shield. Any tips on getting started?


This question needs a LOT more detail to be answerable. What code? It matters what the rest of the code looks like. What variables? What numbers? What keypad? What LCD? You've basically given ZERO details. We need them all if you really want help.

This is the first step of a project where I want to be able to control the speed of a motor. So what I am working on is programming a SainSmart LCD Keypad Shield so that by pressing up and down you can change the digit and by pressing left and right you can shift the cursor to another digit. At first I was thinking of making each digit a different variable but doing that would make it very hard to edit in the future. Is there another simpler way I could program this?

Thanks and sorry for the lack of detail on the first post

OK, you gave us the model of the LCD. Great. Now how about the other things I asked for. I won't ask again. If you come back without them I'll just stick you on the ignore list and leave you to do it by yourself. I don't like wasting my time on folks who aren't going to give the details needed to answer their questions.

There is no code yet. I am trying to make a code and not sure where to start. I am trying to create a variable to control a 5 digit number on the LCD. The variable would be called something like velocity. Each digit of the number on the keypad should be able to scroll from 0-9.