Arduino projects for Slack?

Hey everyone, I'm designing a PCB with an Atmega32u4 (I'm open to changing the chip if needed), and I'm wanting to do a few things using Slack. I might take a crack at writing firmware to do what I want, but I'd like to see what projects already exist. I don't need any advice about the hardware design, I've made several PCBs like this.

My office uses Slack for communication, and I'm making something that I want to be able to suit a few needs:

  1. Connect to a PC using USB, and allow the user to press a button on the PCB to interact with Slack in some way (send a scripted message, or change your Slack status to Away, etc).

  2. Act as a wireless connected device that users can send messages to on Slack, and have the board perform functions with the IO pins. (make noise with an integrated speaker, activate a siren light, etc).

I've done some googling, and it seems there are some wireless Slack bot firmware projects, so my Idea #2 seems to be covered. Does anyone have some insight into any existing firmware for Idea #1?

I've considered just using typical USB Keyboard firmware and scripting a sequence of key presses, followed by an Enter key command. But I want it to be able to talk to the app in the background, so it doesn't require users bringing the app to the foreground, and clicking on the text bar.

What is "Slack" ?


What is "Slack" ?

It's a messaging app, very similar to Discord, but it's very popular in the corporate world. Supports channels, video, voice, bots, has an API.

I work in a software company, we use it heavily, and nearly all our clients use it too.

Lots of possible integrations. I'm envisioning a PCB that can be sent messages to perform functions, or also be plugged into a PC via USB, and act as button to send out scripted messages targeted at specific recipients.

2 separate firmware builds obviously.

It's a messaging app,

Don't you think that a link would be useful ?


Not sure if you made any progress on this LifeIsOnTheWire?
I am looking to do a project where if you set your status on Slack to Do Not Disturb, a light turns on. I have seen this article, but I find it a little confusing. I’m happy to work through this with you though.