Arduino protection

Hi friends,

I have a project which involves a DS18B20 sensor. I know it has a certain "adress" which can be recognized by the arduino.

I want to use this as protection. For example, how can I make when the DS18B20 is not on the board with the very specific adress ( which means only one sensor to be right for the board, never another one) and when it's not on the screen shuts off. Possibly 7 segment display shuts off.

Thank you and all the best.

The Arduino needs to know which address it is associated with. I assume you don't want to have to configure it each time you turn it on, which implies the configuration needs to be non-volatile.

You can either hard-code that in the sketch (requiring a code change for each device you support - not a good approach) or save the address locally e.g. in EEPROM, or provide some sort of hardware selector to indicate which address (out of a set of known addresses) was to be used.

Once you know the address, then working out whether there is a device present at that address seems simple enough.