Arduino Protoshield V.4 conections

Hi everyone, I just got the protoshield v.4 and Im trying to get started with it and a question came across.
Are the digital pins and analog pins already connected to these spaces I marked? Green for analog and red for digital.
Can I connect things to these spaces without making a bridge from the analog and digital in/out to any of those spaces?

thanks for your time!


Looking at the pic isn't there a trace running between (e.g.) digital pin 12 and the 2nd hole in the red box, 11 to the 3rd, 10... & so on.

In other words it sure looks like it.

I have an earlier proto-shield and it has a similar setup. Male headers on the outside going down into the arduino and a row connected like that where I've put female headers.

Yes theres a trace going from every pin to the boxes I marked, I just needed to ask because I don't want to spoil anything and I didnt want to have any doubt before doing anything.
Thanks a lot for your valuable time and help!

Have a great day! :slight_smile: