Arduino pwm out issue

Hi guys

I have an issue using the own here.
I am using it to replace a potentiometer from a control board (voltage is 5 that gets to pot)
So I can control a device with pwm and not to be dependant on the pot
I have partial results only. On low input nothing goes (bad), at medium still nothing but it tries, and full value works but not on full capacity, it’s to control a three phases fan
Here is the picture one of the units still with the pot and the other without


A PWM output will only ever be a 0V or 5V. It is a digital signal whose ratio of on/off is adjusted to provide the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output. External hardware is needed to turn the PWM signal into a voltage

Thanks for the reply
What would I need?

What would I need?

Not my area of expertise but there will be plenty of members here who will be able to give advice

Try a digitally controlled resistor.

Thanks, all this info is very useful for me.
I have seen dac but they say they are for audio, plugged also in scl and sda pin, is this correct for this application? How could I program this?
Thank you all

It could be as simple as a resistor/capacitor filter. Many hits on site search 'pwm analog'.