Arduino + Qt + Python = I/O Blocks Toolkit


We’d like to present you I/O Blocks Toolkit - a tool transforming your Arduino board into a powerful Electronic Swiss Army Knife.

  • The GUI allows you to control I/O, generate and measure signals, chat I2C or SPI devices
  • GUI provides built-in package manager - we want to deliver more easily accessible device functions over time
  • Python 3 bindings allow to wire the device to the PC using very user-friendly API
  • Built-in package manager allows to pre-load your board with new device functions or update the firmware
  • Works on Windows and Linux

Check out our homepage or go straight to documentation.

You can explore the project via:

Of you have any questions we’d like to hear from you.

I/O Blocks Toolkit Team

Have you read the complete license agreement you accepted when you downloaded Qt? Are you really complying with all the terms of that agreement when you use Qt the way you are?

Thank you for your concern

Yes, we comply with Qt licence. Details can be found in application's About box and in licensing information shown during installation.

Maintenance version 1.1.3 is out. You can grab it from

Turn your board into instrumentation device with nice GUI in no time. Enjoy!