Arduino R3 Blink

I used the above tutorial to set up a blinking LED. Once I set up the 1K resistor and jump cable, I plugged the Arduino into the computer and the LED started blinking on and off. I didn't even run the program. When I run the program, I receive an error message "avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding" however, the LED responds to resets both on the microcontroller itself and through the Arduino IDE. I'm not sure what is wrong or how to troubleshoot. My question is, what is wrong with my Arduino or is there something I am doing wrong?

The LED is flashed by the bootloader as it loads, or attempts to load the program. After that, it shouldn't blink on it's own until a program is installed that causes it to do so. Not sure about the error, but the most likely problem is that you have the wrong type of board selected in the IDE. Is it an original arduino or a clone? If a clone, and correct board is selected, the board itself may have a problems. Some of the clones have bad solder joints.

Some clones were pre-loaded with blink.

Best to upload the example "Bare Minimum" to clear the board first to be sure.

Then upload your own version but maybe make a change in the delays etc. so you know its YOUR blink.

Thank you all for the comments. I tried the suggestions and think I have a faulty clone. I'm going to try to fix it if possible.