Arduino RC Car Ethernet Shield Router

Ok so i'm in my last year of high school in industrial technology and my team has a project which is to configure an RC car to attach an Android phone as an IP camera, driven using an android tablet which will recieve video feed and controlled with an overlay this isn't too hard but the problem is controlling the car and attaching the arduino to the car.

I'm not exactly sure how to connect the arduino to the original car, our plan is to have an arduino connected to the servo of the rc car then with an ethernet shield on the arduino recieve information via a portable router from the tablet (or eventually a computer to test) and so the problem is i have no idea how to go about this i was wondering if anyone would have some advice or links to a similar project about how i could connect to the servo to control the car (forward backwards left and right) is this possible ?

Thanks kindly :~

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A simple setup that have some ideas.