Arduino RC vehicle armed with little rocket launcher

Hey guys,

I'd like to show you the project on which I've been working for about 5 months. It's a RC vehicle which weights around 24 kg (50 pounds) and measures 60 cm in lenght.
Each wheel is driven separately by it's own DC motor.

For power supply I used 2 gel batteries (12V, 10Ah each) and 8 li-ion batteries (3,7V , 2200mAh).
Two arduino pro mini control all systems on board. Motors are controlled via H-bridges built from MOSFET transistors.

Lighting is provided by 4 white LEDS and two 35W halogen bulbs in front and 4 red LEDS on rear.

Third arduino is used to control the vehicle and is connecting with those 2 on board via HC-11 434MHz Wireless Serial Port Modules. One potentiometer is used to send signals setting direction and speed of two left motors and second is used for right side.

On the roof there is cover which protects the rocket launcher. Motor opens the cover thanks to threaded rod mounted on its axis and steel nut attached to the cover.

Rocket launcher can change angle thanks to servo. There is place for 6 rockets in the launcher.
Firing works thanks to thin wire wrapped around fuse. Wire is connected to power supply via relay. When relay is switched on current burns the wire and fuse begins to burn.
I hope my English is understandable enough :slight_smile:

See it in action:

Pretty cool! What motors are you using?

Also - I'm really surprised at the amount of traction you have given the smooth wheels.

Great job!


I use motors with planetary gear , which I took from chinese cordless drills . They work on 12 V and are pretty powerfull. :slight_smile:

I could have used better wheels like from a barrow or something. :stuck_out_tongue: