Arduino Read from SD writting output and send via wireless

I'm new in this of Arduino, I'm looking for a solution for this case:

I have a device that write data into an SD once at day, I would like to read that signal or direct from SD with Arduino to send it using wireless comunication other than wifi

my questions are:
is it posible to read from the SD writter-device pins or from "shared-bus" SD? and how i should do
and what recomendation to have a low power consumition wireless transmitor?


what is this 'device' that you have that writes to an SD card once a day?

that would be where I'd start.... any specs or documentation on it and any interface/API..etc.. thats usable.

its a 13 MP photo camera triggered by arduino once at day
I would like to read from the SD to export the jpg with arduino, is it posible use also the USB connection?

I don't know of any way for an SD card reader to be accessed by two different devices at the same time, but I'm not an expert on that technology. However, I know there are devices that look like an SD card that transmit the image instead of storing it and effective give your camera a network transmission capability - perhaps you would be better off looking for something like that.

PeterH that is what i'm looking for, would you like to tell me where to find it?

reading/writing at the same time seems difficult. If you only take 1 picture and are willing to sacrifice a camera, it might be possible to use external SD and some sort of relays to make the card accessible to either arduino or camera.

It does cost, but checking Eye-Fi sd-cards might be interesting too. These SD-cards have x GB of storage and can be accessed by wifi...

Accessing your camera by usb may be possible as well, you will need an USB-hostshield or Arduino- Due and find the right drivers/sketch to read an USB-disk though.