arduino real time clock

I am wondering if i need the sensor shield or not with the rtc ds1307 or can it be wired in witout it i purchased one from and thier web site shows it using one of them but idk if i want to spend the money for it just for the one piece.

You need a place to make some connections with the RTC: power, ground, SDA, SCL, address lines (to ground is okay), crystal connections, pullup resistors on the SDA/SCL lines. Get a prototype shield and build it up on that. Or a little perfboard that RadioShack sells for $3 or $4. Or order all the bits from dipmicro, including the RTC, they offer real cheap shipping too.

Hmm ok idk i might buy the sensor shield then the lcd im using takes up all but 4 of my uno pins and those are going to be used for 2 buttons and 2 strips of leds and from what i saw it connects to the shield with a cable might be the way to go there.