Arduino reboot after sometime...


I have a problem, my arduino reboot after some random time, but only when connected to my laptop USB, you think its some USB configurations needed to be ajusted?

I tried in other computer and USB of mobile charger, and don't reboot.

Do you guys know what can be the problem?


Something on the computer is opening the serial port, causing the board to auto-reset.

Hello James

Is there a way that i can see that?


Good old-fashioned detective work.

Go through each program, process, and service on your computer. Figure out which one is using devices as a serial port. For example, cellular datacard software would open each serial port to see if it was the 3g radio. (That's just one example.)

Thank you James Im gonna try


Or to test if it is a auto-reset problem just put a 120 ohms resistor between the reset pin and VCC.This will disable the auto-reset and then see if the reboot behavior maintains.