Arduino + receipt printer on an automated timer.


I know that you can set up to print to reciepts from Arduino but can one add a timer coding or use a stepped motor system to print receipts that count down numbers at time intervals.

I also like the receipts to state the time if possible......

An example would be starting number printed on reciept of 4,465,123 tonnes @ 10:00

then repeated every 2 minutes 4,465,122 tonnes @ 10:02

2 minutes later: 4,465,121 @ 10:04


thanks for any help it is greatly appreciated I am new to all this, will read an research anything you suggest

regards F

Yes, it's possible to add "timer coding". There is a function that returns the number of milliseconds since the Arduino was last turned on or reset, millis(): This is easy to work with but it doesn't tell you the time of day and it isn't super precise. If you need to know the actual time of day or want the time to be more accurate you would usually want to connect an RTC, which is a clock module, to your Arduino.

As for "a stepped motor system". You'd need to explain exactly what you mean by this.