Arduino recessed into the wall


I would like know if someone have already recessed arduino into the wall.
How have you powered?
Have you pictures?


I am working on the same issue too. It has to be small, hence i am using arduino is powered over cat5 which also carries data to the host via rs485 link. I ll post pictures when available.

Ok thanks,
but I would like powered with a Electric transformer like this,201527_4_71_72_73_74_75,201409_5

It depends how much room you have available. I am looking to fit everything in a wall electrical box outlet which is very small for anything like that.

You can add a 120VAC/5VDC module to your card.
How much current, and at what voltage?

Depending on the space available, ventilation etc you will have to also account for cooling and heat rise considerations under operating conditions. Adding a transformer, rectifier and regulator only makes heat rise issues worse and reduces available space.

In addition you also have to think of how to handle mains and low voltage wiring being in the same compartment without breaching wiring and safety regulations.

All the above could be major issues if this is a permanent installation.

This is why I decided to have my power supply elsewhere and only have low voltage DC power in the wall recessed box.