Arduino recognizing cymbals melody

Hi im wondering is it possible to recignize melody by arduino sensor (some sort). I mean i dont care for the delay beetwen hits just right sequence. like that: "G E E F D D C E G G"

So is it possible ?

A pure sine wave of fixed amplitude, with no appreciable noise?

Probably no.... There is an [u]FFT[/u] library for the Arduino so you can find the frequency components of a complex sound.

But, real-world instruments generate harmonics and overtones and the strongest freuency component isn't always the fundamental note, and it turns-out to be rather difficult to pick-out the "note". (And, I'm not sure what kind of resolution you get from the Arduino FFT library.)

People have built guitar tuners with the Arduino, and that might be a starting-point for you.

Computers can do it... Obviously, Auto-Tune and Melodyne can do it but these are advanced applications/algorithms running on a more powerful processor.