Arduino Recorder and Text Message

I am trying to find a solution to a problem involving the paging system for my local fire department. We currently receive dispatch calls over a radio receivers/pagers. Carrying a phone is more convenient for most than carrying a phone and a radio, so i thought maybe there was a solution in Arduino...

The requirement would be that the Arduino at idle would constantly listen for a page tone over a stationary radio at the station (the page tone is unique to our fire department's district and is a two-tone noise over about 4 seconds) and begin recording once it hears this tone. The recording would last about 30 seconds and then be texted as a recording to a list of fire fighters.

This is how similar systems work for texting dispatch calls and has been used in the past but contracted with other providers that were expensive and, unfortunately, unreliable. I was wondering if it could be done with Arduino?

Most probably you need some analog hardware for the detection of the page tone, and record and playback of the message. The FFT library may be usable for the detection, but for storing the message the Arduino RAM is too small. Also the sound quality will not be very high, when sampled with the built-in ADC.