arduino remembering a motion

hello everyone i am new to arduino, and i was trying to make a project that probably someone has already made. but since i am a noobie so dont know where to start, actually i want the arduino to control a linear actuator but first arduino should take my input pattern as a guide and save it to its memory and then afterwards it should move on its own, i know this project is already done but for me its new and i am trying very hard to get to understand how should i do that, so if anyone could help me out with this issue it would be very appreciated.

Do you mean you actually want to control the actuator first time round, like with a joystick maybe, and have a means of storing that motion's waypoints?

Or, do you already know that it must extend to 2cm then 5 seconds later come back to 1cm then 10 seconds later go out to 5cm kind of thing?

And do you already have the actuator? There are different types that have different ways of telling where they are. Some don't even do that, they just have end stops. Firgelli for example have linear actuators (the -R series) that have built in contro to act as servos, which makes it easy to Arduine them.

This may be useful.