Arduino "reqeuest new script" over wifi


I don't really know where to begin so I'm asking here.
If i press a button I want my arduino board to "check" on my server if there is a newer version of my code availeble than installed. If there is a new version I want my arduino to download it. It should be able to do this from any network.

Any advice is appricated! I'm a fairly new to arduino so please forgive my mistakes.

Interesting concept, but this is an Arduino (though if it is interacting with the Internet, it is far more likely to be an ESP), not a PC, so why would there be a need to "update" the code?

The ESPs facilitate OTA code update, but generally on a "push" rather than a "pull" basis.

Enhancement by remote access is much easier using an interpretive system such as FORTH or Lua.

Basically i just want to upload the code to my server. And my friend who has the device can manually update. I want to implement this into a bigger project im planning

what arduino board?

this helps with download too. but not for Uno, Nano, Mini, Leonardo or Micro

Arduino Nano

What boards does it support?

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