Arduino reset when powering ESP32-CAM


I'am trying to control (on/off) an esp32-cam with my arduino pro mini 3.3V
To switch on/off the esp32 i use a mosfet IRLML2502
To the VCC pin of the arduino i have put 2 capacitors of 100uf and 0.1 uf
My AC/DC converter is 2A.

When i set to on the mosfet by putting A0 pin to hight level, my arduino reset. But i don't know why.
Any clue ?

Thank you for your help

Just a guess but it sounds like the power supply is collapsing when you switch it on as the capacitors are sucking a lot of current for a very short time. Try the caps on the output of the converter and be sure it has adequate capacity to power your load. Extra current available helps in these conditions. If you can put a scope on the power supply and watch when you switch it on.

Classic glitch on the Arduino power supply issue, probably aided by the 3.3V Pro Mini having the standard brownout voltage set.

One solution is to slow down the MOSFET turn on with a capacitor.

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