Arduino + RF remote + Relays garage automation project

hello i'm new to this forum ;D ;D ;D

I'm working on an automation project for my garage. I'm focused in ways to manipulate line current applications with an RF remote collaborated via an arduino UNO

used an Arduino UNO R3 for the board and a RF remote and module and a 8 channel relay module



for both RF Remote receiver module and 8 channel relay module, power is given from the arduino vcc.

I have connected the RF receiver modules outputs to some ports on arduino as inputs to i and also from 8 channel relay module to arduino as outputs

the idea was when a remote key is pressed, the signal passes in to the arduino via the RF receiver module. and then the arduino passes a corresponding LOW signal to a relay as an output. :money_mouth_face:


when programmed, the concept works. when a remote key is pressed, the signal passed to the relay through the RF module and the arduino. the corresponding indicator light of the particular relay lights up. but the relay wont trigger. also noticed that that particular light intensity is lower than when the relay was perfectly working in other projects. :sob: :sob:

is this due to an arduino inability to power up both RF receiver module and the relay module same time? should i give separate power to those 2 modules? or what should i do

****(when i was using the same relay module for other projects such as 240V line current bulb blinks the arduino and the relay triggering worked perfectly fine. in that occasion the signals passed from the code itself. unlike in this scenario where the signals are passed from a module in to the code inside arduino and then from the code to the relay)

thank you :D :D



You may have to use transistor drivers for the relays. You should look at data sheets for the relays and the device that will control them (Arduino). I'm absolutely new here and am reluctant to give advice but you bumped a few times so...

If you don't know how to deal with the data sheets Google or take the problem to the electronics forum. It is not a programming problem.

If you do use a 'transistor relay driver' (Google hint) be sure to also use a backward diode across the relay coil to protect the transistor and possibly the Arduino.

Good luck!