Arduino RF Switch Control

Hi all,

I am quite the novice when it comes to Arduino and its IDE having only completed various tutorials found on the internet using my Arduino UNO, I have recently decided to undertake a bigger Arduino project which using 433MHz XY-MK-5V RF transmitter and receiver modules. The step I know is to use the RF receiver module to receive and print the data in the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE, the chip used in the remote is SC5262s which is supported by the RCSwitch library (given below).

Using the ReveiveDemo_Simple example sketch from the library and the connections shown in the "How to Receive" page of the wiki (linked below), I uploaded the example sketch to the Arduino UNO and opened the serial monitor within the IDE, with or without pressing the buttons on the RF remote for any amount of time or distance nothing is displayed within the serial monitor.

I have looked at many similar projects but it seems this method generally works, a project very similar to mine can seen linked below (uses same remote and outlet plugs), only difference is the remote is modified in said project whereas for this project its preferable to not have to modify the remote.

Would anyone be able to offer any helpful advice as I am currently stuck.

RCSwitch Library: GitHub - sui77/rc-switch: Arduino lib to operate 433/315Mhz devices like power outlet sockets.
How to Receive: GitHub - sui77/rc-switch: Arduino lib to operate 433/315Mhz devices like power outlet sockets.
Similar project:

Post a link to the receiver module and also to the RF Switches

Generally I’ve found the RC Switch library to be very good

I’ve even managed to get it to work with microcontroller based switches like the WattsClever by using the Advanced receive demo

If you have wired it up correctly and its not working, there of course is the possibility that the receiver is defective.

Same here,

I have three pair of this one

RF switch remote uses sc2662 chip (powered with 12v battery i cant figured out working band yet, probably 433 Mhz)

But none of them couldn’t captured anything, I tried to transmit signal every one second from attiny85, nothing recieved, but maybe i configured attiny wrong. I’m going to try again.

And there is this sound card way to capture signals.

You've not posted a link to the switch

It could be on a completely different frequency, e.g. 315Mhz or I think something like 915Mhz

It may not be AM modulation (though its more likely it is, if they are just using those simple decoder chips)

Unless you can determine the frequency of operation you are not going to get very far.

Do you have access to some form of "scanner" radio that covers the 315, 433 and 915Mhz bands ?

If not you could buy a cheap $10 ish USB TV dongle that uses the RTL2832U chipset and use the Software Defined Radio (hacks) to get the TV dongle to receive those frequencies and confirm where it is actually broadcasting

I once found my rc switch's web site, couldn't find it now. Actually i have USB TV dongle somewhere. If I lucky I give it a shot.

The TV dongle has to have the RTL2832U chipset with either the E4000 or the R820 tuner.

If you have one of these take a look at SDRSharp

Thank you for the replys.
Here is a link to the switch and remote from maplins;

As I've said previously the remote has a SC5262 (opened and confirmed) which on the RCSwitch library's google site is shown to be compatible.

The transmitter receiver modules are model XY-MK-5V which seem to be commonly used, will try find more information about them and post tomorrow

Unfortunately I don't own a USB TV dongle, would it be worth investing?

Those switches definitely work with RC Switch and are on 433 Mhz. I have used them in the past, for both receiving and sending data.

If you connect the receiver to an Arduino and run the receive demo you should see the codes in the serial monitor

I have just uploaded the sketch and connected VCC to Arduino 5V pin and the ground pin to Arduino GND pin, one of the data pins are connected to digital pin 2 (interrupt 0), opened serial monitor and pressed buttons on RF remote, no response can be seen from the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE.

Does the receive demo need any modification to work, or should the serial monitor display the signals given the connections i have made?

On the back of the XY-MK-5V RF receiver module it lists three different frequency ranges, 315MHz, 330MHz and 433MHz, is it possible that the receiver isn't tuned to the frequency? if so how do you tune it? does the RF receiver module require an antenna to work? (size based on the frequency)

I have recently ordered new modules just in case they are broken.

They should have marked the module what they have set the frequency. Receiver hard set to its frequency by coil and can not be set by hand (glued, green plastic covered coil at center). Is there a way to test the coil?

You could try the advanced demo, but from what I recall the receive demo works fine

My new 433MHz RF transmitter receiver kit arrived and I know am able to receive RF signals from the remote and transmit signals to control the RF wall outlet plugs, my old set receiver must of been broken in some way, thanks for the advice.

No worries. I'm glad it is working now.