Arduino + RFM12 - Does not work

Hello, we designed a board with an arduino, a rgb led and a rfm12 868mhz (wireless radio modules from HopeRF Here is our design:

We use the rf12 lib from and the requiered path lib for the correct pins. We has nearly the same connections like in this picture execept one wire. But we changed the pin in the rf12 paths file to the right one.

After compiling and uploading to the board the serial monitor tells us, that our example gives the right output. But we can't send/receive data. We changed for every board the note-id and we checked the data on the connector with an oscillograph, we think its everythink ok. But we cant send/receive data. We also selected the right mhz from the lib. Any idea? Is there a design error? Thank you very much

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I don't know if that can help but I have interfaced an arduino pro mini with an rfm12b. The only problem will be that running at 8MHz, the SPI cannot reach the same data rate as in the 16MHz case.