Arduino RGB LED Patio lights

I'm going to look around to see if this was answered, but if not, here's what I'm trying to do.

Make 6-8 concrete and plexi lights (similar to this: Concrete LED Light Cube - YouTube) that will be places around my patio. Use an Ardunio Nano with bluetooth to control the colors.

So, if I get a strip of RGB LED, cut them, and use them for the lights, I'm basically just extending the circuit, right? Cut the LED, solder 4 wires to the end one (Light 1) and connect to Light 2. Really no different than any other outdoor lighting. Right?

Anything I'm missing as far as the electrical goes? I'm basing it on this: Weekend Projects - Android-Arduino LED Strip Lights - YouTube

Once I get the the Ardunio doing what I want, and the lights all linked...I should be fine, right?