arduino RGB led strip connection


i want to connect RGB led strip to arduino to control it. The strip contains 5 or 10 wires. How can i connect it to the board.

to controle the strip i need a program also, how can i start ?

thanks in adv....

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Do you have a datasheet for the RGB strip ?

Usually they just have 4 wires, so "5 or 10 wires" sounds a bit strange.

yes it is having 4 wires only.

one way to do it is described on this page (scroll down a bit):

I have done it the same way and it works.

In stead of the ULN2003 IC you could use 3 transistors, but using the 2003 makes it easy to wire.


You dont need the resistors and the stuff at the bottom of the diagram, but you must connect Arduinos ground to pin 8 of the 2003 IC