Arduino Robot and Arduino Due compatibility

Hi all,

I'm wanting to get back into some weekend robotics project (it's been a few years since I last did any weekend programming) and the Arduino Robot has caught my interest, however I would like to turn my hand to 32-bit micro's and hence thought the Arduino Due would be perfect.

My idea was to replace the Robot's Control Board (8 bit-ATmega32u4) with the Due (32-bit SAM3X8E ARM Cortex) and to run an RTOS on it.

Has anyone done something similar to this before? Or possibly have and other ideas or suggestions? I'm new to this forum so haven't read through all the blogs yet and might be re-asking an old question....?????

And as for compliers, the last one I used at university for Atmel programming was AVR CodeVision... I see that Atmel aslo have Studio 6 available:

Any ideas, feedback or advice would be very much appreciated!!!!!!

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!