arduino robot car

i made a arduino robot car from this website but the two wheels dont move but if i push them they move forward but thats it any help? :)

That is usually batteries too weak or motors too big (same thing really). So exactly what motors are you using and what exactly are you powering them with?


The L293D is pretty limited and cannot handle the current required by most motors.

Post a link to the motors you are using and describe your battery arrangement.

Hi, I can only agree! poor batteries, and the L293D loses too much power in the transistor output stage (2-3 Volts), not leaving much to drive the motors. I now use Polopu (Well cheap Chinese copies) DRV modules to drive both DC and stepper motors, work very well, take up little space, the DC modules use FET outputs with no voltage loss.

See my bots here: under electronics.

Hope it helps.