Arduino Robot Clear

Hi guys ,

I need your help. Yesterday i bought the Arduino Robot and it stuck on "uploading" . There is nothing to do. I can not upload another codes on it. I searched on the internet about this issue . But i can not find any thinkable solution. So i think i should make the memory clear. But i could not find anything about it . Can you help me about clearing the memory ?

When you first open the Arduino IDE there is a blank sketch. Just upload that. Check proper com port and board under Tools.

It is stuck on “Uploading” still. I tried many things and i want to tell you these.

1- I tried to upload different codes on it . It does not work . All time , it is stucking on the “Uploading”
2-I tried to click reset button in different possible sequences (2 times serially , 3 times , keeping pushed . . . .)
3-I used a programmer to upload the code. I connected the cable in a wrong way that is why maybe i made it burn . I am not sure about being burned but i will check it out. Then i found the correct connection , and i connected the programmer (second board [motor board]) . And i could upload codes into motor board. I mean it works !!!
{Right now i am gonna check the robot control board whether it is burned or not}

I made some observations. Also i want to write here maybe it could help to you to suggest a solution .

–When i am using the programmer , in the serial port , i am getting the error “Invalid device signature”. It means that the board can not be seen from the computer or programmer i guess.

–I am using Arduino Uno as a programmer . The reason why is that there is a stupid angle example in the memory right now and it takes lots of input from outside and it works so fast , maybe this could make the CPU slow and busy. So that is why i can not the upload new code.

Also RIGHT NOW i tried to upload empty code to it but i got a different error . I am adding screenshot in the attachment.