Arduino Robot Controller

Hello everyone, I need to get two arduinos to communicate with one another in order to control a robot car. One will be the controller with a joystick and some buttons on it, and one will be on the car operating 1 h-bridge for the motor, 1 transistor for a gun and 1 servo for steering. I also have some small blue tooth devices that will allow it to be wireless. Does anyone know the best way to do this? Tell me if more information on the blue tooth devices is needed.

Presumably the bluetooth devices will present a serial data stream, but you could help by confirming that.

In that case you would need to adopt a messaging scheme to encode your commands over this serial stream. Using a textual encoding scheme isn't very efficient but is easy to develop and test, so I suggest you start with that.

Also make sure that the rate of sending data over the serial stream stays below the maximum capacity of the stream. It's a common mistake to try to send data as fast as possible in the hope of reducing latency, but that actually makes things worse.