Arduino robot defective (official)


I have the official Arduino robot. Instantly, the robot has started not working properly :

  • Instead of straight lines, the robot make curves.
  • For example, I launched the program "Motor Test" :

-> When running Robot.motorsWrite (255,255); -> It does not go straight. -> On the other hand, running Robot.motorsWrite (-255, -255); -> Here it goes all right! -> same for the rotation of the robot ...

I do not understand what is happening ... Please help?

Did you do the wheel calibration?

Of course, but it didn't work. The potentiometer is out of range ...

And even if i could calibrate the wheel for make the robot straight; if i reverse the motor, the robot will curve ...

Is it broken ?

blackaliens: Is it broken ?

At a minimum the motors are mismatched more than usual. Try lubricating the motor bearings. You should also check to see if one of the motors has dust or hair caught around the output shaft. If you need to go in absolutely straight loss nes over significant distances (several meters) you will probably need some kind of orientation sensors like a compass, gyroscope, or optical flow sensor.

The robot is almost new. It can't be dirty, it seems new. And the wheels turn correctly.

It is strange that the Robot moves straight during a reverse motion but it doesn't when i try to move it forward.

I think that it is the circuit who make the robot forward is broken. Because the action of the robot go forward degrades again.

The robot is still under warranty. How can i return it for replacement ?

Contact the seller.