Arduino Robot - Getting Stuck a lot

Hello - I have bought the new Arduino Robot and it looks great and is well made. However it seems to get stuck a lot unless the surface is absolutely flat. Even smooth carpets have difficulty. I've also run it on tiles - gets stuck right away.

Is there any general advice on this - I thought two wheelers were supposed to be much better at traction - however this is a serious drawback

What seems to be happening is that the two castors are sort of lifting the wheels off the ground quite easily if there are any changes in the surface. So the robot wheels just spin.

Any ideas on how to improve running ? Spoils a great product.

Same here, you have to replace the casters with some plastic sliders that are a little bit thinner

Thanks for that - any ideas on where to get them ?

Maybe in a hardware store, search for a teflon disk or similar product, then you'll need to give it a good shape ( not flat and without 90 degree angle on the edges ) and holes for the screws.

I don't have one of those 'bots, but if you're having trouble with the driven wheels not having enough traction then you need to move the center of gravity towards the driven wheels. If the undriven wheels/skids are actually lifting the driven wheels off the ground then there is definitely not enough weight over the driven wheels.

Not sure what arduino robot you have, but if it is the ~$250 one, I'd wrap some rubber bands around the outside of the wheels somewhat adding some gripping tread and adding a little more size to the wheels. There are other simple ways to add some tread/grip to the wheels.