Arduino Robot "hello user" pre-loaded programs don't work.


I purchased an official Arduino Robot from a online retailer on Nov 30th, 2014. Strait out of the box, the robot hasn't operated as stated in the guide. The "hello user" program that instructs the user to name the robot and add other data doesn't work. The lcd screen glows when the robot is turned on, but that is all that happens. All the sketches related to the lcd screen don't function. The sketches load without an error, but the robot's lcd screen just glows.

The "motor test, melody, linefollow" seem to work fine. I am wondering if the lcd is defective or something else.

The retailer advised me to start here at this forum.

Thanks You

Hi, has your LCD screen got a trimming potentiometer on it, this adjusts the contrast of the LCD. If it has you will need to use a small screw driver to adjust it. Can you post a picture of the LED screen assembly?

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When you first open the robot, you'll need to set up a pair of things before it is ready to roll. First, you'll need to insert the SD card into the slot on the backside of the TFT screen, and then insert the screen into the socket on the control board of the robot. The screen should be oriented so that the blue text with the text "SD Card" is close to the buttons and speaker.

Did you do that correctly?


Thanks for the responses so far.
Here are two pictures of my robot turned on and off.
The lcd screen is installed correctly with the sd card on the side of the buttons.
And the pot doesn’t seem to make and difference.

A question that I have now is: Where are the pre-installed programs stored?
Are the programs loaded onto the board?



Sorry trying to make pics smaller.

Arduino Robot lcd off gif.gif

Chewy3000: A question that I have now is: Where are the pre-installed programs stored? Are the programs loaded onto the board?

There is data on the included SD card. The standard firmware should already be loaded into the FLASH memory of the processor of the Motor board. The "Hello User" sketch should be already loaded into the FLASH memory of the Control board. You can try re-loading all three to see if that helps. If not you probably got a defective TFT-LCD or Control board. :(


Thanks for the help so far.

If I do have a defective lcd or board, how do I go about getting the robot fixed.
Is there an Arduino contact that can resolve this issue. It seems like the retailer doesn’t warranty
this product. I have only owned this just over a month. I feel like I’m on my own.


Looks like you are out of luck if your vendor will not stand by their goods:
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