Arduino Robot Help!!

Hi everyone! I'm a 17 years student from Catalonia and I'm interested in arduino. I am doing a project that consists of an Arduino Robot, with a proximity sensor and a remote control. I have just set up the robot with all the pieces. Now I'm doing the electrical connection part and programming. My problem is here, i don't know how to programme the robot. Robot specifications: 4 x Geared motor L298N motor driver Arduino UNO328 Arduino sensor shield Ultrasonic module board (HC SR04) Line inductive module Infrared receiver module (keyes)

This is a draw of the different connections that i have done http://

The only thing that I want to do is make the robot move back and forward

Thanks for your help!

Anyone can help me,please? =(

Have you looked at any of the examples or the YouTube videos?

take example from kit load it in your arduino and send it to atmega from one sketch we can not help you,so please make a photo from your board, and give us types and suppliers.