Arduino Robot LCD wit Nano BLE

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if the Robot LCD display from Arduino is compatible with the BLE sense?
If so, do you have any library to suggest?

I'm trying with the Adafruit GFX with no luck....

Hello helium97,

Can you describe the issues you are having because the Adafruit GFX example compiles one the Nano BLE?

From a quick dig around I found that similar issues have occurred on the Nano 33 IoT and the core reason seems to be because the LCD needs 5V whereas the Nano 33's are only 3.3v (Nano 33 iot with I2c LCD issues). So make sure you supply the screen with 5V and that the signal is logic shifted to 5V with something like this:

I hope that helps, if you are having code issues then please upload the code here.


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