Arduino Robot : removing motor protection while USB is connected


(I’m 12, French and just beginning into electronic and robotic, so I’m sorry for errors)

I bought an Arduino Robot and I’m very happy of it, and I want to make it work with a Raspberry Pi.
So, I was going to buy a WiFi key, a PowerBank and a power switch when I remembered the motors can’t work if the Robot is connected by USB.

Can I remove this protection ?
I’ve bought a USBasp (I used it for reprogramming the bootloader as the Control Board stopped working due to… my fingers I believe), perhaps can I solve the problem with that ?

You understood it, I don’t want to solder a breakout board to use I2C/SPI (and SPI is too hard to use for me due to full-duplex communication) with 5V->3.3V conversion etc.

Please help me, all my projects are broken cause that :frowning:

Thank you and I’m sorry again for my errors !

  • Florian Durand.

Put solder on SJ1 and SJ2 of the Motor board to enable the motor driver when USB is connected.