Arduino Robot TX RX Pins [Problem Solved]

Hello everyone,

I want to plug a Xbee to my Arduino Robot. However, I could not find the TX and RX serial port pins. Do you mind If I want an explanation about it with pictures. If there is no TX RX pins on Arduino Robot, how can I solve this problem?

Thank you all!

I used Arduino UNO as a converter from SERIAL to I2C. This is the only way as it seems to me for a talking between Arduino Esplora and Arduino Robot with XBees.

You didn't provide details so I assume you're using an official Arduino Robot. The documentation for it says:

Serial Communication: The boards communicate with each other using the processors' serial port.

In other words the hardware UART is already in use and not available for you to use to talk to an Xbee. Perhaps you could use a software serial port instead?

You can use a different module that have a different communication type like I2C or SPI. Or you can use something like this to convert I2C or SPI to UART. NOTE that I don't know this module I made a few search to understand if XBee have I2C and I found this.

Guys, thank you very much! I'm trying to do this software serial. I'm still looking for the suitable pins for software serial onArduino Robot. Actually, I do not know which one I can use. Are all of them okay for this? Otherwise, I will try I2C/SPI to UART converter. Thanks for your great help!