Arduino Robots :: Butterfly error?

Hello everybody! Hey, I am a science and technology teacher and I used some grant money to buy 8 arduino robots. They were working pretty good at first and then an error started coming up. It has stalled and frustrated everyone who has encountered it. I am afraid my whole robotics club will dissolve if I can't find the solution:

We try to upload a new script and it takes longer than the 6 or 7 seconds that it should...takes a really long 1-2 minutes to finally come up with a long error "Maybe it's not a butterfly?"

I tried to copy and paste the entire error message here, but the program won't let me. So, I took a screen shot and uploaded it here:

Man, trying to solve this is killing me. It's eating up hours of time. I've only found a couple of posts that sound like what's happening to my robots. Some people have said I need to hit the reset just before uploading...some say just after...some say twice. The problem is there doesn't seem to be a consistent solution and it keep recurring.

Anyone have any idea?

The below tells how to post code and such. Do you have a link to the robots you purchased? I've never heard of the "Maybe it's not a butterfly?" error.,148850.0.html

Hi, try this thread on of the replies does mention a solution that may work.

changing the Programmer from "AVRISP mkII" to "USBasp"

Tom..... :slight_smile: